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General information:

Current site:
No existing sites.  There are general sites about electric cars + specific car manufacturers

Reason for creating EV USA site is to have a single site that informs, provides resources and awareness to all thing related to EVs.

Typical site visitor would be anyone interested in buying an electrical and economical vehicle.  They would be online anywhere from one to seven times a week.
age: 20-70 years old
occupation: all
income: 20,000 to 100,000 yr
purchase habit: moderate
The primary “action” the site visitor would take is to become a member or participate in the forum.  They may ask make inquiries and ask current EV drivers the benefits and disadvantages of driving an EV.  They may search for specific information about a current model or feature by specifying their search within the site.  The primary reason why the target audience would choose the EV USA site is because there is no other site like it.  It is one convenient site that acts a single source for EVs; allowing consumers to find out about all the current manufacturers.  It will also be a site to educate visitors on the developments and future of EVs.  Along with the importance of being aware of the current environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, and dependence on oil.  Predicted usage of visitors: 1000 daily.

Site description: Clean, forward-thinking, futuristic, environmentally conscious.  Offline the company would be perceptive the same manner.  EV USA site differentiates itself from other competitors because the company’s goal is to seek an alternative source for fueling cars.  To have consumers re-consider purchasing a gas-guzzling mode of transportation.  I take the time to consider making a change for economical, environmental, and ecological reasons.

sub-navigations: Perks. Principals. Myths         Locations. Models.  Auto Shows
Register. Active Topics. Innovations.
There will be videos and maybe some Flash on the site.  Visitors will be able to login into a customized account.

Most people will find out about the site by advertisements about EVs.  It will also be advertised on eco-awareness site such as
Marketing plans include advertising in print, media, and web.  The site will be updated on a daily basis with current news and related topics.  The CARS page will be updated on a monthly to quarterly basis with the current models and trends.  The FORUM page will be updated daily with news, related topics, and discussions.


Car Diagnostic App

This iphone app will update your phone with any repairs, defects, or malfunctions within your electric vehicle.  Vehicles are currently installed with a system that notifies the driver by a light on the dashboard labeled CHECK ENGINE.  This system would be more sophisticated and intelligent by notifying the electric car driver precisely troubleshooting the concern.  This allows EV driver to eliminate an unreliable mechanic that may overestimate or misdiagnosis their car.  Ideally the EV would be installed with a system that notifies the driver right away, but this iphone app could be linked with a remote phones, allowing others (like a relative or significant other) to be notified as well.  This could include notifications about cash accidents, vehicle theft, or  flat tires.  This device would be most popular amongst parents with teenage drivers, drivers who do not know much about car repair, or any individuals concerned about safety.

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Midterm-electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles analysis

I have chosen to create a site for electric cars.  The goal of the site is to offer a single source for consumers to explore, shop, and research all topics regarding electric cars.  The site is sponsered by Global Green, therefore; the site also focuses on the importance going green.
~available electric cars
~where to find an electric car
~benefits of driving an electric car
~price comparison
~environmental issues

After surveying many sites I found it difficult to find a site that offers a current list of electric cars available in the U.S.
is a government site that is run by the Environmental Protection Agency that promotes protecting the environment through the use of alternative vehicles such as hybrids, electric, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, plug-ins, and biodiesel cars.  In order to find a list of electric cars the user must filter and research many sites since most sites are specified by each car manufacturer.

Possible competitors:

Most of these sites are informative, but overwhelming and visually cluttered.  Except for the Coda Automotive  The site is very well-designed, appealing, and offers a vast source of information.

I have analyzed the best features of each site and incorporated into my site.

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